Benefits of live VIP shows for cam girls

The first and most important thing for girls who want to do work in camming is to get more audience. This is where VIP cam shows comes handy. It allows cam girls to reach massive audience and allows to convince members to join the show way easier comparing to regular free chat room. Members want to try model first and with VIP shows you can offer them a cheaper experience in which users get to know you and later convert to loyal returning fans who actually pays you.

Advantages of VIP Shows

  • VIP shows has a huge audience of members who are looking for their new favorite cam model they can return to daily. Models are getting huge exposure from Livejasmin videos.
  • Expanding your audience with more people has never a bad thing. We encourage you to do that with VIP shows.
  • Loyalty is the key here. All cam girls want to have loyal fans who love her and willing to spend money in private regularly.
  • After you reach a significant number of loyal fans you will see additional earnings from recorded shows and other content you have in your profile that requires some credits to unlock. Loyal fans can’t get enough of you and want to see all your content. They crave for you and as you only have 24 hours a day, it’s clearly not enough to make everyone happy with private shows, because of limited time. Members start to consume other content produced by you.

How to start Live Jasmin VIP Show

livejasmin vip shows

To start camming as a VIP performer you need to set up your show in a smart way. Be clear about your performance in details and include price for how much you will perform a certain show. Be very creative with the content you are going to offer. Spend time writing brief description about your performance and what you are willing to do in details.

Setting your credit goal is another important step. The goals is needed for watcher to know the number of credits they need to send your for VIP show to start. Set minimum amount for members to join your show. As you gain more popularity, later you can increase that minimum amount. Ideally you don’t want to overcrowd your chat room so you can interact with each member who joined, otherwise it will be just impossible as all you will do during the show is replying to messages sent to your chat room. Set total duration the she show so members will know before it starts and won’t be disappointed if it’s ends too early. They know the duration and everything is clear.

Final tips

  • Your description must be interesting to interest members, so be really creative and add some mystery.
  • Don’t promise things that you will not do. Always follow the rules of LiveJasmin and know your limits.
  • You are the master and main star of your own show. You direct it and have all the power to make decisions. Just do it exactly like you want and feel comfortable.
  • Remember that you can’t change your promises and put on brakes after the show has started, so be sure to follow what you promise.

We hope that this quick guide will help new cam girls to get a grasp on how vip cam shows work and be more successful in them. Bonus tip: Always be consistent with your shows, members love consistency and if you fail them, it will be hard to get them back.